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The original nethack community! For people to post tricks, close calls, angry rants and ascention/stupid death stories.

Feel free to make any post so long as it fits (more or less) within the above guidlines, and is regarding NETHACK *OR* SLASH EM or some other nethack or slash variant. For Angband and it's variants, go to: angband_game

links of interest:
"WHAT IS NETHACK?" you ask? you mean you DONT KNOW? ok check this out: http://www.gamespy.com/legacy/fargo/nethack_a.shtm

rec.games.roguelike.nethack FAQ

Spoiler list for newbies and the forgetful. includes all the effects of various objects, spells, monsters, ect.

Gazetteer of Nethack 3.4 includes maps and some advanced spoilers not listed in the list above.

For more general geekdom, try...
artifacts, bags of holding, bee hives, co-aligned altars, dayan fooels, demons, diggin up graves, dilithium crystals, eating wraiths, elbereth, envoy of balance, gehennom, glory of arioch, hackem munchie, hallucinations, hand of elbereth, intrinsics, keystone kops, kitten corpses, leperchaun hall, magic missles, minetown, nerds, nethack, polypiling, quaffing, rodney, royal jelly, sacrificing keystone kops, sacrificing unicorns, speed boots, spinach, stealing from shopkeepers, strange mental acuity, succubus/incubus, teleportitus, throne rooms, tricks, wantonobo getting angry, wishes, yaap, yasd