Michael Scheu (korvac) wrote in nethackers,
Michael Scheu

Well, my Wizard died today, on the Astral Plane. Nothing sucks more than being within sight of the end, Amulet in hand, and just not being cool enough. (maybe next time!)

This was the first Wizard I've run that didn't suck, but I'm still not very comfortable playing a non-fighter character. Throwing fireballs is pretty sweet, but man, I'd blow away in a stiff breeze.

The stats:

Gaborn the Wizard, St 25 Dx 18 Co 16 In 20 Wi 20 Ch 15, elven
HP 0 (196), Pw 524, AC -25, lvl 27, killed by Pestilence

Carrying Magicbane, Frost Brand, Orcrist, Sunsword (found virtually at the end), Trollsbane
and a total of 124 gems and 6 amulets, as well as the Eye of Aethiopica; wearing gauntlets of power, speed boots, silver dragon scale mail, cornuthaum, cloak of magic resistance

Fire/cold/sleep/shock/disintegration/poison resistant, magic protected
Telepathic, warned, clairvoyant
Died 7 times (I found a horde of life saving amulets)

Notable kills include Baalzebub, Orcus, Juiblex, 1 Pestilence, 8 Rodneys, 6 mastodons, an Archon, The Dark One of course, Vlad, and did not extinct anything although I did kill a whopping 66 wraiths, 47 water elementals and 41 vampire lords

Genocided L, h, and krakens

Used 8 wishes (2 lamps, 2 thrones, 4 wand charges) but no artifact wishes, 2873574 points total.

Moving on to a burlier class next, I think.
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