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Michael Scheu


It's been a while since my last ascension (http://community.livejournal.com/nethackers/57541.html) but that's mainly due to not playing at all. I finally won with my original favorite character, the Valkyrie, and almost topped my last score ... but damn, this was my most difficult ascension thus far.

First of all ... not genociding mind flayers was a big mistake. I got brainsucked so many times, even with a greased helmet. It's embarrassing. Next character will kill them all first thing.

I got Mjolnir early through prayer, and not much later Grayswandir through prayer as well, sticking with it most of the way. Got crowned by Tyr - a first for me. Still can't keep a pet to save my life. I have, at least, finally mastered holy water, and I was totally stocked the whole game. Found a stack of other artifacts along the way, but never wished for one.

Come to think of it most of this game was pretty uneventful until the end. I plowed through the Elemental Planes without any problems; twice the portal was within 12-15 squares of my character. (sweeet) I picked the center altar on the Astral Plane (correctly) but lost about 25% of my hard-drunk HP to Death. Ran out of confusion-inducing items otherwise I would have tried the pet trick again like I did with my Caveman.

The tale of the tape, then!

Chihiro, lvl 30 Valkyrie, the Hand of Elbereth, 295 HP, -23 AC, wielding +6 Grayswandir
Eight artifacts, zero gold (I gave up on carrying it all), 153 gems and 24 amulets
(better than gold, I figured)

Died twice
Never changed form
Killed Baalzebub, Orcus, Yeenoghu, and Juiblex, but bribed Asmodeus
10 Rodneys
7 Deaths
one measly arch-lich before genociding them (along with master liches and disenchanters)
and I didn't freakin' extinct anything, but did kill 119 soliders (?)

8589156 points

I want to do the Wizard next, but I need to master keeping a non-combat character alive first :D
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