I'm not silly, I'm just seriously impaired (relsqui) wrote in nethackers,
I'm not silly, I'm just seriously impaired

Eulogy of a personal best.

  1    2557065  relsqui-Val-Hum-Fem-Law died in Gehennom on level 36           
                [max 44].  Killed by a baluchitherium.                  - [242]

Figures. Two Wizards of Yendor and a master lich on the level, and the baluchitherium gets the kill.

Really it was my fault, though. I wasn't paying attention to my health--one of the Wizards stole the Orb of Fate, so I was taking about twice as much damage as I was used to. That's what I get for playing first thing in the morning, I guess.

To give you an idea of how good that game was for me, keep in mind that this was the first game in which I'd ever reached the quest level--much less received and finished the quest; killed Medusa; reached, entered, and cleared the Castle; killed Asmodeus, Juiblex, Baalzebub, and Orcus; and cleared the Tower and killed the Wizard of Yendor. (It shouldn't be terribly surprising that I used ten wishes over the course of this game.)

You know what's sad? There were TWO amulets of lifesaving in my inventory. The amulet (reflection) that I was wearing was cursed, though, so there's nothing I could have done about it.

Let's see, other highlights. I cheerfully ate the first green slime I came across, and then stopped playing and did some research when I started seeing sliming messages. Whoops. Luckily I had a wand of fire on me (and a healthy set of resistances).

When I got to the base of the fake Wizard's Tower I was looking for a way to cross the water. I mentioned this problem in IRC (not a Nethack channel) and someone said "why not just freeze it and walk over?" This hadn't occurred to me! I had a wand of cold, though, so I zapped away and went on over.

Later I found out he was kidding and had no idea it was actually possible. Can we say "the dev team thinks of everything"?

I used the same trick in the Wizard's Tower proper. The Wizard himself only took a couple of steps before I got the few turns that wiped him out. Those few steps, however, happened to take him out over his moat.

Which the Book of the Dead therefore ended up at the bottom of.

This was a little worrying. testing4l was seriously considering the possibility of the Book having been erased, even if I could get at it again. I was more optimistic than this, but I still didn't have an amulet of magical breathing, much less a way to remove my current amulet. I DID have a pet water moccasin, though, and plenty of time on my hands. I lured it through the portal and tried to get it upstairs.

I would love to say that worked--I still think it could have--but before I managed to drag it to the second level, another IRC friend noted that the invocation artifacts cannot be buried. Did I still have that wand of cold? Yes, but with no charges left. So I zapped ... and I zapped ... and I zapped ... and after an awful lot of zapping I coaxed one last charge out and froze the moat where the Book had fallen. Pop! There it was on top. Phew!

Soon, as I searched for boots of water walking or some other way I'd be able to get home after the Invocation, I understood why I had been advised not to kill the Wizard until absolutely necessary. I think I killed four or five of him before encountering the pair that did me in. I did have the boots, too--known uncursed, thanks to the altar in Orcustown, but not yet identified.

Finally, I think it's worth noting that I started this Nethack game almost a year ago. Obviously most of that time was not actually spent playing it; it was spent being frustrated (e.g. not knowing how to get across the Medusa level) or nervous (afraid of screwing up my best game ever). Eventually I found the balls to play it, though, so I have that to be proud of regardless of how stupid my death was.

Now, to start another game . . .
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