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Nothin' new here, but it's been, what, six or seven years since I started? I get to be happy. :D

NAO dump

To be honest, I was very very lucky. Not the "wand of wishing on floor 2" kind of lucky, but the kind where I got away with things I shouldn't. I played incredibly sloppily all through this game, even for me, and there's a reason I hadn't ascended before. I was making typos all over (there's a spot in the Minetown that still has Elberetj engraved on it), forgetting things constantly, doing stuff I already knew I shouldn't... the RNG simply decided not to take any of the ample opportunities to smite me. Highlights!
  • One thing I did get lucky on was leveling. The dungeon had a lot of wraiths this time around, including one BIG graveyard before Medusa, as well as some potions of gain level from a shop and someone's bones.
  • I held a full-on nurse ball in Sokoban, which was crashed by a mind flayer. I shrieked and ran and threw Mojo at it till it died. Between that and the levels, the HP were surely the biggest counter to my own general ditziness.
  • I had a cat polymorph into a green slime and learned that those things are worse than useless as pets. They're surprisingly low level, so they won't attack anything remotely tough, instead going around turning harmless newts into angry slimes. I believe my exact words when I finally got it to hit something were "Coo-- oh wait, that's not good." Fortunately the thing wasn't next to me.
  • I looted all the vaults plus Ludios and hauled that cash all the way back to the Minetown, only to remember that I'd killed the priest way back on my second visit. So I started making water to enholy instead, and some dumb ogre king with a wand of striking broke all 21 bottles. BUT! In the process of dipping all those potions into the fountains, I summoned a water demon, which, amazingly, gave me a wish.
  • Stupidest, stupidest mistake in a game full of stupid mistakes? Forgetting to put any of my armor back on after sex with an incubus. In Gehennom. For about four levels. During which some random demon managed to summon Yeenoghu. I still didn't even notice till ANOTHER incubus caught me. I burned an AoLS and used a wish for a ring of free action (which was a good investment anyway, since I never found one) but I still think I pretty much deserved to lose the game for that. Thank you, RNG! ♥
  • Gehennom sure was crawling with elves today. I always knew those treehugging jerks were up to no good.
  • Rodney was merciful today! Mostly he just made me nervous a lot, and showed up in person once before the Plane of Earth. And unblessed my GDSM once.
  • Speaking of green slimes, up on the Astral Plane my guardian angel was slimed (that's better than they usually do, I guess) and I was amused to note that the game called it "the green slime of Tyr". I polymorphed it into the lynx of Tyr, which unfortunately got itself killed before I could get something better. I'll have to play around more with polymorphing those. (Incidentally, the slime touched me too, and while I was completely mixing up my home remedies, a helpful fire ant corrected me. Seriously, I am not usually quite that dumb.)
  • Having been to the Astral Plane once before, I found that on the whole I was much, much better prepared for it this time. Which is a shame, because on my previous trip I was rather well prepared for the dungeon as a whole -- but I had no ring of conflict, only a couple charges on a wand of death, and one wand of teleportation (which I spent a wish recharging only to have it explode, and that's the only time I've ever had a wand explode on me so far). Three AoLSs didn't make up for a general inability to get through the crowds. Even so, if that first altar had been chaotic my YAFAP would've been a cool orcish ranger instead of just some valkyrie. Drat.
  • ...How exactly is it possible for soldiers to go extinct? Maybe world peace, but if War weren't alive and well I wouldn't be here.
All in all, I'm glad I did it, but it just wasn't as exciting as that near-ascension a few months ago. Of course, that was my first time with a lot of the later parts of the game. I'll just have to make up for it by playing more tourists!
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