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After much caution and gnashing of teeth I Ascended my second character - Bizarro, the human Caveman.

The second time seemed to be a lot harder than the first (details below) but also a lot more rewarding, as I had a lot more gems, artifacts, and I managed the pet trick too. The early game saw me surviving five polymorphs, but was otherwise unmemorable. The middle game was about the same although for about ten turns I had a pet mastodon, which made me wish I could change my name to George-of-the-Jungle or something. :D I still suck at owning pets.

The late game... Rodney stole the AoY, I killed him, and then I forgot about the Amulet. So I get to lvl 1, check my inventory before I go up... no Amulet. Oh crap. I lost it... so I kill Rodney again eventually, he doesn't have it, and I'm freaking out quite a bit now, but I backtracked 15 levels and finally nabbed it again. I'm so glad I didn't just lose the thing because I've no clue how to regain it if lost somehow. I did manage the 'elevator trick' (as I call it) with a lot of scrolls of teleportation and a RoTC, whooshing my way upwards...

The endgame was okay, although I had to spend a while on the Plane of Earth because I didn't have a gold detection scroll handy. Feh.

Notable stats:

Lvl 26 Caveman, 295 HP, -29 AC, mostly used +6 Vorpal Blade
Had eight artifacts, including the Heart of Ahriman I grabbed from my most successful corpse ever, a very old Barbarian
6 amulets, 318 gems, 57000 gold or so

Notable kills:

Asmodeus, Baalzebub, Orcus, Yeenoghu, Juiblex (still no Dispater or Demogorgon)
15 Rodneys
6 x Famine
Vlad, Medusa, Croesus, 2 Archons, 2 ki-rin
8 titans, 11 balrogs, 7 sandestins, 12 krakens, 9 Angels
Chromatic Dragon and 99 other sundry adults
99 bees
I extincted Nazgul (yay!), erinyes, and soldiers, killing 4533 total monsters
The pet trick gave me an Elvenking, a purple worm, a cobra, a titanothere, and my living Guardian Angel

Genocided h L T R (I got sick of disenchanters quickly in Gehennom)

12 wishes, none for artifacts

all for a final total of 9031817 points.

I'm going to take a break from the game though... the Amulet thing stressed me out a lot and as I was busy with work and such the game got stretched out considerably!
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