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Sunday, November 30th, 2008
1:12a - Game in progress ... wish me luck.
I'm having a good game. Level 11 lawful dwarven valkyrie with a pet bone demon, and I had a saddled pony too until it wandered into a zoo. Which is a shame, but I hadn't been riding it much anyway because I'm constantly burdened and that's dangerous. (What can I say? I'm a packrat. I kept the saddle just in case.) Being burdened isn't too big a deal with boots of speed, though, and while I'm on equipment, I should mention my shiny gauntlets of power which are great for slinging Mjollnir around. And I have Excalibur just in case it doesn't get back to my hand. I also have a good set of tools (unicorn horn, towel, can of grease, and magic whistle besides the basics). The only major thing I'm lacking is a good light source; I have one candle saved in case I need it, but that was the end of Izchak's stock. (He had no lamps for me, which is a bit annoying now that I even have some spare oil.)

I've finished the mines, including converting Minetown's altar without having to kill any authority figures personally and piss off Tyr. Gotta love that pet bone demon. I just saved at the beginning of Sokoban.. I'm praying that the bone demon doesn't go feral while I work on it, that would not be fun to deal with when I got back. (Should I bring him?)

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2:50p - Dammit.
Died on level 24, leveling up a bit before doing the quest. Everything was going fine--I had done a water prayer to get rid of some cursed boots, and then used it to bless my bag of holding and what I think were luckstones and some other stuff. Got through sokoban fine despite some early errors--and Rex behaved himself nicely, thanks for the advice on that. I also stashed a bunch of my stuff in throne rooms which helped with the burden there. After about four zoos and a leprechaun hall I had about 30k zorkmids stashed ... but anyway, let me get to the sad ending: I walked into a polymorph trap and turned into a fox. Kept my head and remembered that I'd change back when something killed me ... but that something turned out to be a purple worm, and I couldn't reequip fast enough to escape. In retrospect, I should have used the whistle to summon my bone demon as soon as it appeared. Oh well.

That was a really good one, too. :(

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